Know How do I Save Multiple Gmail Emails as a PDF in Batch!

Admin | | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 29-05-2020

In the current information based economy, security of information is a major concern. It is the responsibility of every company and its employee to keep data secure from any uncertain circumstances. Technological enhancement in information technology increases the risk of data theft and many other unknown problems. It is both a blessing and curse for a business. Therefore each company has to prepare itself for any such uncertain situation and keep their crucial data safe.

Gmail as we all know is the leading player in the market of email clients. In the corporate world almost all the users use Gmail to keep official as well as personal information. Sometimes users have important data in there Gmail account which they want to keep secure. For security purpose users like to save their important data in PDF format. Although it is not an easy task as Gmail do not provide any direct option to move multiple mailboxes in PDF. You can only move Gmail email one by one to PDF which is quite a time consuming process.

In this case, a query occurs in user’s mind that how do I save multiple Gmail emails as a PDF in batch. If the same or similar query occur in your mind then don’t need to bother more. We are here to solve your problem in the most sophisticated way. We will discuss about why PDF is a secure option to save crucial data and how to save Gmail email in PDF in simplest way. To know all facts about the conversion, keep reading the blog till end.

PDF – The Most Secure File Format

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is developed by Adobe in 1990 to present documents. There is hardly any users who may not be using Portable Document Format. PDF is independent of any application software, hardware and operating system where it is prepared. PDF has many beneficial features and using it is so advantageous for business. Let’s see some of them:

  • One of the top most benefit of PDF is its true mobility that allows it to be accessed on huge variety of platforms and operating systems.
  • It is the only format which is independent in nature. You just need a freeware Adobe Reader to open and read PDF files.
  • PDF format cleverly preserves all visual elements properly and save all type of data such as images, vector graphics, audio, video, text, attachments, etc.
  • The format supports data encryption and allow you to secure your data with password. PDF documents are highly secure platform that cannot be easily manipulated.
  • At the time of sharing, you can also compressed PDF documents to ensure smooth exchange of data over net.

Professional Solution to Save Gmail Emails as PDF

There are so many solution available for Gmail mail migration in PDF. Nevertheless none of them provide such an accurate solution like SpecyTech Gmail to PDF Converter does. It is the best and reliable platform to save multiple Gmail emails in PDF format. The software works very efficiently and provide solution in single click. The utility provide quick and easy solution of how do I save multiple Gmail emails as a PDF without wasting a single minute. It has numerous advance features such as:

  • While moving Gmail mailboxes in PDF, you don’t need to worry about security of custom made folders. The software save all custom made folders along with default folders.
  • The utility retains original mail properties while saving Gmail emails in PDF such as header, hyperlinks, email address/content, font, style, time stamps, etc.
  • The tool allow you to batch export Gmail emails in PDF in single time processing and saves your crucial time.
  • Gmail Email to PDF Conversion solution is capable of saving all type of attachments from Gmail account to Adobe PDF with intact properties. It also offer multiple option to save attachments i.e. embed attachment in one PDF or save them separately.
  • The tool also provide multiple file naming combination so that users can save PDF file according to their preference.
  • The software preserves hierarchy of all mail folders while exporting Gmail emails in PDF.

Final Words

Email conversion is quite a common activity nowadays. For security concern many users keep their digital data in PDF format. In this blog, we showed the simplest way to save Gmail emails in PDF. After reading this blog your query “how do I save multiple Gmail emails as a PDF” will no longer remain unsolved. We hope, now users can easily save Gmail mailbox data in PDF with all attachments.

If you want to try the software then try demo edition of the software. The demo edition facilitate conversion of Gmail email into PDF for free but limited to some extent i.e. 25 mails/folder. Once you feel satisfied, get access to license edition of the utility.