Windows Live Mail Common Errors and Solutions

Admin | | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 11-08-2020

Windows Live Mail is a default email client offered by Microsoft Office suite. Every email client has some error and Windows Live Mail is not different from other email clients when it comes to error. Some many users reported so many errors while using the Windows Live Mail. Here we are going to talking about some common errors of Windows Live Mail and its effective solution.

1 – Error 0x8007007A While Sending Emails

If Windows Live Mail receives 0x8007007A or Windows 10 Mail receives this error, it means the app is not able to send emails. This Error 0x8007007A happens when users attempt to send any media attachments from OneDrive. With SkyDrive, users can send media attachments, OneDrive doesn’t allow users to send media attachments and it causes this 0x8007007A error.

In OneDrive, users are won’t be able to attempt to send emails with media attached files; the mails will stay in Outbox. You can fix this issue.

How to Fix Error 0x8007007A

There are multiple solutions to fix this error

  • Delete and re-configure your account from Windows Live Mail
  • Delete the emails that are causing this error, and after that try to send another email
  • Uncheck the “Create photo email from photo attached file”
  • Send the images/pictures and other media attachments

With the help of these ways out into consideration, you might be capable to resolve this error.

2 – Windows Live Mail Not Working in Windows 10

After Windows 7, mostly users moved to Windows 10. But users who still using Windows Live Mail on Windows 10, reported that they are not able to access their account on it. The major reason behind it is that Microsoft doesn’t want users to use Windows Live Mail any longer. Instead of this, they recommend you export Windows Live Mail data to Outlook or Office 365, which is the way Microsoft advanced Windows 10 accordingly to the future requirements.

Find the best way out to fix this error

1 – Try to configure Windows Live Mail account again

2 – Delete the current WLM account and make a new one.

3 – Run WLM as an administrator in the compatibility method.

4 – Reinstalling Windows 2012 on your Windows 10.

Now, maybe you can able to run and use Windows Live Mail on Windows 10.

3 – Error 0x800CCC0B of Authentication

Most email service applications don’t need outgoing mail authentication, but sometimes Windows Live Mail needs separate substantiation for outgoing mails too.

If you receive 0x800CCC0B error, it means that your mailing service provider needs outgoing email authentication. Authentication in Windows Live Mail can be allowed manually on account to account basis.

How to Fix 0x800CCC0B Error

Follow the below mentions steps and fix the 0x800CCC0B Error

1 – Open WLM and click on the Accounts option

2 – Go to the email account on which you are getting authentication issue and then click on the Properties option.

3 – All the email account properties will be displayed, then click on the Server option and tick the checkbox with “My server requires authentication” under the Outgoing Mail Server option and then click finally on the OK

Following this, you will enable the incoming and outgoing mail authentication, and after that, you won’t this error again.

Note: Usually, the account username and password of incoming mail are used by the application for outgoing mails for validating emails. But, if it is not the situation, proceed with the below steps:

4 – Go to the Settings option.

5 – In the Outgoing email server properties segment will seem on the screen. Here, you need to tick on the ‘Log on using’ option and then fill the correct account user name and the correct password for outgoing mail and after that click on the OK. Note: (don’t forget to click on the box of Remember password.)

After completing the configuration of the outgoing email settings, for confirmation try to send a mail and watch if the error still happens or not.

4 – End of Support for Windows Live Mail

If you using Windows Live Mail, then you must need to know that Microsoft ended WLM support from June 20, 2016. However most users are still using WLM, but it will not last long, particularly if you are a user of Windows 10. But folks always have chosen to stay with WLM.

How to deal with End of Windows Live Mail Support

Windows Live Mail uses need to move to other email applications or cloud-based applications, either now or after little time because you are not able to use WLM continuously.

There is no such fixing way to deal with the end of WLM support. Either you can use Windows Live Mail continually until it doesn’t stop working or you can export Windows Live Mail to any other email application like Outlook or Office 365. You can go with the manual process to move your WLM emails to Outlook or you can go with an alternate option like Windows Live Mail Converter tool that would help you to Export Windows Live Mail to Office 365 and Outlook without any error and issue.


WLM (Windows Live Mail) is still widely used application by so many people because of its simple and easy features. But because of multiple errors, it often makes WLM tricky for folks to use it. Here we have mentioned some common error and their solutions for each error. Here we also provide you an instant solution Windows Live Mail Migration tool for quick and easy migration of Windows Live Mail to Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, G Suite, etc.