Money Back Conditions of SpecyTechTools™

SpecyTechTools is a prominent company that solely believes in customer satisfaction. To make users more content and happy, the company offers 30 Days money back guarantee on all its product ranges. Customer satisfaction is our best reward and our goal is to keep our customers happy in every possible manner.

It is advised to first use the FREE DEMO version of the software before purchasing to analyze its working capabilities and performance. The FREE trial of the software can be downloaded directly from the company’s site. There are many reasons and errors which make your emails or files inaccessible. The FREE Demo edition of the software will help you assess its worth to you. If you find difference between the output results between Demo and Licensed versions of the software, then your case will be considered for refund process.


Refund will be initiated in case when the licensed version of the software fails to perform conversion or showcase the feature as claimed in the DEMO version. Before claiming for refund, it is advised to first discuss the matter with our technical support team and try to resolve the issues in best possible manner.

In any case, if the software fails to convert or recover your data, the company apologies for the inconvenience caused and request you to mail your files at [email protected], so as to help our technical support resolve your problems and deliver the best solution to you. The files you mailed to us will be taken care of with complete confidentiality and not revealed to anyone. And once the solution is sent to you, the files will be discarded off safely.

If our support team too fails to perform the conversion/ recovery, then the company will initiate refund for your money (excluding shipping and handling/commission/TAX etc.). The refunded money will be transferred to your credit card account within 30 days of purchase.

Refund Guidelines

Customers who purchase SpecyTechTools products from any of its site or authorized reseller are eligible to claim for refund before 30 days from the date of purchase, but for the reasons as mentioned in the following guidelines :

  • Purchase must be completed directly from the SpecyTechTools website or any of its authorized resellers sites.
  • It is client’s responsibility to clear any doubts with the support team, regarding any misinterpretation of the material published as software promotion by SpecyTechTools.
  • The company will offer best solution if the full license of the software works partially but not completely.
  • In case the purchased software fails to perform the task as promised, then you may contact our technical support team at any time. After analyzing your problems, the experts at technical support team will deliver the best solution to you. If the delivered solution fails to perform and your issue is not resolved, then the company will refund your money to your credit card account (after deducting commission, shipping and handling, taxes etc).

Refund is applicable if the following condition are found to be true

  • If the client is able to perform conversion with the demo version of the software but the same feature is non-existent in licensed edition and it fails to provide the results as promised.
  • If SpecyTechTools support team fails to provide helpful solution to resolve customer’s issues.

SpecyTechTools is not responsible for

  • Delayed communication or software downloading
  • Lost email
  • If email is marked as SPAM by the mail server or the mail application
  • Sudden unexpected delay
  • Sudden or unexpected delay
  • Delays due to uncontrolled issues.
  • If for any reason, the activation mail is bounced by the sender’s / receiver’s mail server
  • After purchasing and performing the conversion, you no longer need the software
  • In case of accidental purchase of the software that you now want to remove from your system
  • In case of wrong software purchased
  • Any problem related to working of the software after purchasing
  • In case you purchased the software not compatible with the operating system that you are working on
  • Any delays due to weekend process

Refund is not accessible in the following case

  • If the software purchased is unable to execute the process as promised and any other related software in the market is also unable to perform the same process, then refund will not be applied, but if other software performs the desired process then refund can be claimed.
  • You purchased the software without testing the demo version, then refund cannot be claimed.
  • When client refuses or fails to upload files to our FTP client in case of software failure
  • If the software is able to perform 30% migration or recovery of the total process, then also the refund cannot be claimed.