Learn How to Export Folder from Mozilla Thunderbird as PDF

Admin | | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 15-02-2020

Enhancement in technology changes the way of communication and makes it smooth. Now users want ease in their all day to day activities. Email clients are major player in the world of communication and plays crucial role in connecting people. There are various service provider which facilitate emailing service. No doubt storing database in these email client is so beneficial but it also has some limitation. Database store in these email platforms are always at risk so it is always recommended to keep copy of important mails in PDF. PDF as we all know is best platform to keep backup of files. Using PDF for saving files has various benefits such as:

  • PDF files are password secured.
  • PDF format is machine independent and can be open on all devices.
  • These documents are acceptable in almost all sectors.
  • PDF keep files in original formatting.
  • These files are portable in nature and are easily shareable.

Mozilla Thunderbird is well-known email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. It provide free emailing service and also includes personal information manager. However all other service except emailing is not free. These services are utilised with the help of several add-ons. In this blog we will discuss about how to export folder from Mozilla Thunderbird as PDF to save files securely. Let’s begin with the manual method!

Export Thunderbird Folders to PDF Manually

Step 1: Launch Mozilla Thunderbird in your Local System.

Step 2: Next Go to File tab and then select “Save Selected Messages” option.

Step 3: Now choose Save as PDF (Adobe) option to save Thunderbird mail as PDF.

Step 4: Further Select desirable location to save PDF file in PC.

Step 5: All your selected emails will be successfully exported to prescribed location in your system.

Thunderbird Mail Export to PDF Professionally

There are various methods available through which user can move batch Thunderbird mails to PDF. However none of the method provide exact solution of how to export folder from Mozilla Thunderbird as PDF. In this section of blog we will explain you complete procedure of Thunderbird mail migration to PDF. Thunderbird to PDF Converter is the best third party utility provide accurate Thunderbird to PDF solution at affordable rates. The tool is designed in such a way that it supports all version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP etc. Let’s see some more benefits of Thunderbird to PDF Converter.

  • Using Thunderbird to PDF conversion solution you can move only selective Thunderbird mails to PDF. It also provide various filters such as to, from, subject, date etc. applying whose you can export specifies Thunderbird mails.
  • It has non-complex working steps which are easy to be operated. The tool can be operated by both technical and non-technical background users.
  • The advance utility regains original mail properties of mail such as header, hyperlinks, email content, email address, font, style, etc. even after conversion to PDF format.
  • The tool also move Thunderbird mail folder with original folder hierarchy as it is before.
  • User can save the converted PDF file according to their desirable name such as Date + Subject, Subject + Date + From, From + Subject + Date etc.
  • It offers multiple way to save attachments in PDF format.
  • The software support to export batch Thunderbird emails along with attachments of all type, contacts, calendar, task, briefcase etc.
  • The tool is supportable to all Windows Operating System (Windows 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP etc.)

Thunderbird to PDF Converter Trial Edition

The trial edition of Thunderbird Converter is also available for user convenience and understanding purpose. Download the demo version to export up to 20 Thunderbird items to PDF for free of cost.

Final Verdict

In this blog we have discussed about easiest way of exporting Thunderbird mails to PDF. We hope after reading this blog you will get instant solution of how to export folder from Mozilla Thunderbird as PDF. Here we provide you both manual way and professional method of exporting Thunderbird email files. Read the blog and analyse both the methods carefully then make your decision.