How to Add A Stamp to A Secured PDF? Learn with Quick Guide!

Admin | | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 13-03-2020

Recently, I received a few PDF documents for adding bates stamps to them. The task needs to be urgently finished and to make matters worse, some PDF files have some encryption added on them. Now I am looking for a way out of this problem as I don’t know how to add bates stamp to a secured PDF document. If someone knows the solution to my problem, then please suggest me the same ASAP.

If you are also facing similar problem and want a quick solution to add a stamp to a secured PDF then read this blog that will help you find exact solution to your problems.

Why Adding Bates Stamp to PDF Documents is Required?

Adding bates stamp to PDF documents helps users to sort PDF files precisely. By inserting page numbers and bates stamp to PDF files, data retrieval from huge stack of PDF documents becomes easy and hassle-free for all users. Nowdays, PDF bates stamping is popularly used in ebooks, indexing, legal evidences, organizing numerous PDF files related with different cases etc. Therefore, to help them easily manage their PDF files, users apply bates stamping on Adobe PDF documents.

Moreover, many legal law firms have appointed people to insert bates stamping to PDF files for easy recognitions of their case file documents. Legal case files and documents have thousands of pages and managing them precisely is a complex task. Therefore, adding bates stamp to PDF documents enables users to retrieve particular information from those documents in seamless manner.

Now, The main concern is :

How to Bates Stamp A Secured PDF?

Users generally face issues while adding page numbering to the PDF. And it becomes more complicated when they need to bates stamp a secured PDF file. Therefore, they search for a method to insert bates stamp on encrypted PDF document without any issues. Are you also having secured PDF files and searching for a solution to add bates stamp to them? Then stop searching now as PDF Bates Stamping software will help you easily add bates numbering to all PDF documents. It’s a smart utility that efficiently decrypts encrypted PDF documents and add bates stamp on them. It supports generating page numbers on multiple selected PDF documents at once. Additionally, the software also provides support to generate bates stamping on PDF file series combinations, without any data loss. The software even provides support for inserting PDF bates stamping in customized manner. The working of the software is so simple that even novice users can easily use it and add bates stamp on secured PDF documents, as given in below step by step procedure :

First download and install PDF Bates Stamping software on Windows PC

Now, follow these steps to bates stamp a secured PDF document :

  • Choose the desired option to add PDF bates stamplaunch software
  • Select PDF files using Select File and Select Folder option. Choose the option “Remove encryption from PDF files” to decrypt encrypted PDF files for inserting bates stamping on PDF files using two options
  • Now choose the desired page numbering options, add additional text information and click on Nextselect bates numbering option
  • Now choose the desired formatting options like bates position, current date, font size and color etc. Next choose the desired file naming option and destination location to save resultant files and click on Next bates stamping formatting options
  • Now preview your PDF files in PDF Viewer to check how bates stamp will appear. Finally click on Generate button.preview PDF bates stamp
  • Now enter the password to add bates stamp to secured PDF document and click on OK button
  • Now the software will start adding bates stamping on all selected PDF files and displays the message
  • Navigate to the location where your output file are saved and check your output files


The increased use of PDF has made it difficult for users to manage them properly. Therefore, they need to bates stamp PDF documents. But their main concern is how to bates stamp a secured PDF document. We have tried to resolve their query by providing the best possible PDF bates stamping solution them that will help them add bates stamp to secured PDF files without any worries. For their support, its free demo edition is also available that allows to add bates stamp to first 5 PDF pages alongwith “CUBEXSOFT” stamp, free of cost.