Zimbra to Outlook – Best Converter to Convert Zimbra Mailbox to Outlook

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Are you in a need of an appropriate solution to access Zimbra database in PST? If yes, then no need to go anywhere, the write-up has provided suitable Zimbra Converter solution, easy and effective as well as direct approach to access Zimbra to Outlook of all editions. However, there is a free method too but it is quite technical and include many steps. Therefore, experts came up with the direct solution that allows to access TGZ file in PST with emails, contacts, briefcase, calendar and other items. Before, starting with the step-by-step process, let us first understand about Zimbra and Outlook and the reasons that gives the answer of why to convert Zimbra to Outlook.

About – Zimbra and MS Outlook

Zimbra Desktop is one of the oldest and extensively used open-source emailing app. It is launched with ZCS i.e. Zimbra Collaboration Suite. A complete package that consists of three main services of Zimbra such as Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra Web Client and Zimbra Web Server. The Zimbra Desktop especially known for managing the user database such as calendar, address book, contacts, journals, briefcase etc. Undoubtedly, Zimbra Desktop is a well-utilized app by number of organizations; still many users these days are preferring Outlook, why?

Microsoft Outlook, on the other hand is in a boom nowadays. Every other user now switching to this email application from other programs. However, there are lot of reasons behind such migration. The Outlook app is particularly known as a Personal Information Manager because it helps in managing the details of emails, contacts, calendar, journals, tasks etc. Moreover, it possesses simple and easy to understand GUI. Therefore, several users are finding Outlook an easy application for communicating from one place to another.

Why to Convert Zimbra to Outlook?

Both MS Outlook and Zimbra are popular and widely used emailing programs used for data exchange purpose. MS Outlook keeps all the data in PST file type such as emails, contacts, calendar, tasks etc. Whereas, Zimbra Desktop provides the import/export option with the help of which, a user can extract all the data of Zimbra, which will store in TGZ zip file. However, if a user tries to open TGZ zip file in Outlook, then an error will occur because Outlook only prefers files with extensions .msg, .pst and .ost. There are other common reasons too that will clear why to move from Zimbra to Outlook.

Zimbra is a great application that also known for managing the personal database of users, but it also carries few drawbacks that are listed below:

• Response rate that Zimbra delivers is quite slow.
• Zimbra configuration takes lot of time.
• It does not support properties such as bottom post replies, phishing filters and reformatting of messages received.
• The synchronization process is very slow.

Such issues are not bearable by users who wants to implement everything in a fast speed. Therefore, Outlook is the application that carries every lacking benefit of Zimbra Desktop. Now, Download the Zimbra to Outlook FREE DEMO on any Windows OS version and check how to access TGZ files in PST.

Zimbra to Outlook – Remarkable Converter to Convert Zimbra to PST Outlook

Zimbra to Outlook Converter is an advance and error-free solution that allows to move Zimbra data to Outlook in order to access Zimbra database in PST. The application is programmed with self-explanatory and easy to understand GUI so that all type of users can use the tool and operate it quickly to read TGZ file data into PST without trouble. Before starting the process of conversion, it is important first to know how to extract TGZ file from Zimbra.

  1. Run Zimbra Desktop app and login with by entering credentials.
  2. Go to Preferences and choose the option of Import/Export displaying on left panel.
  3. Select the data folders that one need to export in TGZ.
  4. Press Export button and select the option of Save File, choose location to save TGZ file and hit Save.

Now go to the selected location to check extracted TGZ file. Moreover, there is no need to extract the file as the application supports TGZ zip file.

Step 1. Run Zimbra to Outlook FREE DEMO on any Windows OS.

download tool

Step 2. Hit Select File(s) button, a window will appear, click on Select File button or Select Folder button to load TGZ file.

select the option

Step 3. Software start scanning TGZ zip file and extract all the associated folders with checkboxes on the left side of software screen. Use checkbox to select/deselect the desired folders for conversion.

scan file

Step 4. Click on the desired folder to view the related file data in Preview window.

preview tgz file

Step 5. Press Export and choose Export as PST option from the list. Simultaneously select the sub-options for saving PST file in an advance way. Apply filters if you want to access TGZ file of a particular period in PST format.

pst option

Step 6. Click Export to start the process. It will end with an alert message “Conversion completed successfully”.

save report

The steps are very easy to operate. Any technical and novice user can use the application to access Zimbra database in PST. Get the free demo of the tool that allows to access first 20 files from each TGZ folder to PST free of cost. It is available for software evaluation and analysis purpose. Apart from PST, the tool also allows to access Zimbra to Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, G Suite and more.